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We have successfully written the Ontario Bar Exams ourselves and want to see you excel as well. Preparation for the Ontario Bar Exams can be a daunting experience. We have been operating for over 5 years and our experience validates that with proper guidance, tools, and techniques, you can also crack the bar exam. We can help.

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We provide 1 on 1 Ontario Bar Exam tutoring service in person in Toronto or via Zoom, FaceTime or Phone. Additionally, we also provide 450+ Ontario Bar Exam practice questions and 100+ pages of Ontario Bar Exam summary updated for the 2022/23 bar exam material.

“I found a book entitled ‘How to be a success at anything.’ It only had a single page inside, which was just one word long: ‘Practice’.”

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Since our inception, we have assisted over 3,000 students to pass the Ontario Bar Exams and we would love to help you! We have successfully written the Ontario Bar Exams ourselves and appreciate that preparing for the exams can be a daunting experience. With proper guidance, tools, and techniques, you can also crack the bar exams.



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We provide professionally drafted Ontario Bar Exam practice questions, which are reviewed and updated on an annual basis. Our team drafted the practice questions to provide you with the critical experience of navigating the bar material and becoming familiar with it. You have the ability to attempt our Ontario Bar Exam practice questions multiple times and by different sections. When attempting the practice questions on our website, your progress is saved even if you quit, log-off, or turn off your computer. You can pick up the exam where you left off when you log back into your account.
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Professional Tutoring Services

Through our Ontario Bar Exam tutoring service we provide customized tutoring sessions to suit your needs. Our tutors are practicing lawyers who have extensive tutoring experience. They are not only able to break down the bar material into manageable sections, but are also able to share real life examples to make the bar material easier to understand. We offer multiple packages for our Ontario Bar Exam tutoring service and also provide tutoring on an hourly basis to suit your needs.
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Raving Reviews

Bar Exam Crackers were a pleasure to deal with. They are professional yet compassionate, offering quality assistance for those needing bar exam preparation.

Each session focused on the areas where I felt confused or unsure. I left feeling more confident and with a better grasp of the materials.

Steph, Student

My tutor was extremely helpful, patient and encouraging. He was very familiar with the material and knew how to explain confusing concepts in a clear way.

Athena, Student

I am very happy to be writing this testimonial about a very helpful individual I met recently in my quest to attain success in the Ontario Bar Exams. Having no prior experience in law multiple choice exams, I turned to Bar Exam Crackers.

I found the answer to all my problems in the form of Gary, a legal professional, law school topper with an amazing personality who has changed my outlook towards the Bar exams from previously having a fearsome reputation to just another multiple choice exam.

Bar Exam Crackers has helped me realize that this exam can be overcome with thorough preparation, indices, material summary help as well as strategizing, tactics and substantive law coaching at a very affordable price.

I am extremely satisfied with his efforts and recommend the Bar Exam Crackers team to anyone who has dreams of attaining success in the Bar exams and becoming a legal professional in Ontario.

Gaurav, Student
Bar Exam Crackers offer a service that not only adequately prepares you to write the exams but allows you to feel confident going into them. I had been out of law for over 2 years when I decided to write the exams and Rishi worked hard with me to thoroughly learn the material… he was even patient enough to work with me through tax law. He tailored our studying sessions personally for my needs and was able to determine my opportunity areas.

I can confidently say that Rishi was the reason I passed both exams and I would recommend Bar Exam Crackers to anyone preparing to write the Bar exams.

Paget, Student

Bar Exam Crackers offers exceptional Ontario Bar Exam tutoring service that actually benefits law students. They tailor the tutoring to the specific needs of each student. I had the pleasure of being tutored by the Bar Exam Crackers team.

They were always prepared to answer my questions and were extremely patient in their approach. Overall, I had a very positive experience with the tutoring service provided. I strongly recommend their services to any law student looking for personalized service!

Natasha, Student

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