Ontario Bar Exam Tutoring

Our tutors are practicing lawyers who cater each tutoring session to your individual needs

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Premium Ontario Bar Exam Tutoring

Whether it is the Barrister exam or the Solicitor exam, we are here to help! We are able to offer tutoring packages that fit your individual needs, including:
  • Hourly, 5 Hour, 10 Hour, or 20 Hour Packages

  • Group Package

  • Special Institutional Package

Tailored Tutoring

Our goal is to ensure that you understand the material and feel confident walking into the exam and perform at your best level on test day.
  • We have written the Ontario Bar Exam ourselves and understand the complexity of structuring the material and navigating through the indices.
  • We cater our services to your needs. Whether you want to focus on certain topics, ask specific questions, or go through the entire material, we can make it happen.

Practicing Lawyers

Our tutors are practicing lawyers who have been tutoring for multiple years.
  • Break down the bar material into manageable sections.