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We offer professionally drafted practice questions and summaries updated for the 2022/23 barrister and solicitor bar exam material and tutoring services catered to your individual needs to get you prepared for the Ontario Bar Exams.

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We have successfully written the Ontario Bar Exams ourselves and want to see you excel as well.
Preparation for the Ontario Bar Exams can be a daunting experience. We have been operating for over 5 years and our experience validates that with proper guidance, tools, and techniques, you can also crack the bar exam.

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Practice Questions & Summaries

Updated for the 2022/23 Bar Exam Material

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    $349.99 +HST
    • 450+ Practice Questions
    • ~100 Pages of Barrister & Solicitor Chapters Summaries
    • Includes
      • Barrister & Solicitor Practice Questions (incl. Professional Responsibility)
      • Barrister & Solicitor Summaries


The summaries are solely intended to assist test takers in navigating through the licensing material. Bar Exam Crackers does not, expressly or implicitly, represent, warrant, guarantee, or promise the accuracy of the summaries available on this website. Bar Exam Crackers will not be held liable for any inaccuracies in the summaries available on this website. The summaries sold on this website are intended for personal use only and are not permitted to be shared or distributed with any other individual (other than the purchaser).  A download link emailed by Bar Exam Crackers after a summary has been purchased, can only be used 1 time in order to download the summary.  Please see our disclaimers under the terms and conditions section of our website before purchasing the summaries.

Individual Sets

We offer over 450 practice questions, summaries and personalized 1 on 1 tutoring services for anyone looking to write the Ontario Bar Exams. When attempting the practice questions on our website, your progress is saved even if you quit, log-off, or turn off your computer. You can pick up the exam where you left off when you log back into your account.

450+ Practice

Practice questions tailored to help familiarize you with the bar material and practice navigating your index.

~100 Pages Summaries

To assist you with your preparation as well as on the exam day, we have prepared summaries of the 2022/23 barrister and solicitor bar exam material.

1 On 1 Personalized

Our tutors’ are practicing lawyers in Ontario and their goal is to ensure that you feel prepared walking into the exam.

450+ Practice Questions

We strongly believe that the path to success for the bar exams is PRACTICE – lots of practice.

How It Works?

Our team has drafted high quality practice questions to allow you to become familiar with various topics in the bar material and practice navigating your index.

Personalized 1 on 1

Our tutors are practicing Ontario lawyers. They have written the Ontario Bar Exams themselves and understand the complexity of structuring the material and navigating through the indices.

Our tutors’ goal is to ensure that you understand the bar material and feel confident walking into the exam and perform your best on test day.

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