We recognize that studying for the Ontario Bar Exams is a daunting experience and sometimes key resources are not easily accessible. As such, we have prepared this blog where we will be sharing free resources that either we have created ourselves or come across online. This way, our readers can have a central place to come to in order to access these free resources. If there are other free resources that you are aware of and believe we should add to this list, please do email us such resources at info@barexamcrackers.com.

  • Timer Chart. It’s critical that you have access to a timer chart on the day of the exam as well as when you are doing practice questions. This chart is useful in knowing which question number you should ideally be on at a specific time during the exam. A sample timer chart can be downloaded here.

  • Indices. We understand that a number of students go together and prepared indices and other study materials for the Ontario Bar Exams based on the 2021 material. These resources can be accessed here. Be sure to read the “Read Me First Agreement and Printing Instructions” document prior to using any such material.