An index is a vital resource to employ when studying for, and writing, the Barrister and Solicitor Bar Exams.


There are typically two ways to obtain an index: (i) form an indexing group with peers and divide up the work to create one, or (ii) purchasing an index from a third-party.


We recommend that students purchase an index from a third-party provider for the following three reasons:


  • Time is of the essence. Joining an indexing group with your peers entails dividing up the pages of the Barrister and Solicitor Bar Exam materials and assigning each person a particular section to note up pinpoints. Depending on the number of peers in a particular indexing group, the time commitment could range from a few days to over one week to complete your assigned section. This task will delay the start to your studying and provide you with less time to read through the materials. Instead, purchasing an index from a third-party provider will allow you to start studying right away.
  • Make the most efficient use of your time. You should use your time as efficiently as possible. When faced with the decision to spend one week preparing an index with your peers or reading the materials, we recommend that you choose the latter—it will provide a greater return on your investment.
  • Commercial indexes are often of better quality. Third-party indexes contemplate that people think differently, and as a result, they are designed to provide more than one way to find a pinpoint. Further, these indexes typically have a greater degree of accuracy than those prepared by an indexing group.