There are several great resources available to crack the Ontario bar exams. Here are three to consider:

Ontario Bar Exam Practice Questions

Half of the battle in preparing for the Ontario bar exams is practice. Our motto at Bar Exam Crackers is practice makes perfect!

In order to succeed on the day of the exam, you need to be able to find the answers in the material within about a minute and a half per question. The only way you will be able to find the answers in such a limited time is if you have practiced navigating the material beforehand.

Doing practice questions will allow you to engage with the material directly. You will not only gain experience in navigating the material, but will also gain a better appreciation for how the core subjects may be tested.

We recommend that you use practice questions that are up to date and reflect the current material.  Our practice questions were updated in April, 2018. It is not a good idea to practice with questions that are vague, not properly drafted, or were drafted a few years back. Also, make sure to use practice questions that are representative of the Ontario bar exam structure. For example, answer choices with “all of the above”or “none of the above”do not appear on the Ontario bar exams.

Ontario Bar Exam Summaries

Our team has drafted summaries, which have condensed the material from over 1000 pages to 100 pages in total for both exams (approximately 50 pages per exam). The summaries are an excellent tool since they offer a high-level overview of the material. When it comes down to reviewing the material a week or two before the bar exam, you will find it quite helpful to have a summary of the material that you can refer to rather than starting the long trek of reading over 1000+ pages in a condensed time frame. The summaries were updated in March 2016, however, they are easy to navigate and can be updated in the same manner as bar exam indices. 

Ontario Bar Exam Indices

Indices may very well be the most common tool used on the Ontario bar exams. Indices summarize a majority of the key words on the bar exams and pinpoint these key words by matching them with the corresponding page numbers and section headings in the bar exam material. Indices are sold online and are commonly created through study groups. Make sure that the indices you use are comprehensive and up to date! Also, we recommend that you practice with your indices while studying the material instead of waiting to open the indices couple of days before the exam.

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